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We redefine reality by crafting mesmerising, lifelike experiences. Our expertise spans creating hyper-realistic environments, seamless interactions, and immersive storytelling, ensuring that each project delivers an unforgettable, unparalleled dive into the virtual world.

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Your trusted virtual reality specialists UK

Within the intricate world of VR development, we excel in overcoming every complexity with finesse and precision. From crafting detailed 3D models to perfecting interactive features and intuitive interfaces, we handle every facet of VR intricacy with expertise.


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At our VR development company UK, we employ a process which combines our technical prowess with a creative touch, meticulously refining each aspect to ensure a flawlessly immersive, next-gen experience. We thrive on challenges, transforming your ambitious ideas into captivating virtual realities.

Our specialised VR
development services

Every aspect of our services is handled with precision from fine-tuning responsive haptic feedback to engineering fluid user interfaces.

Project consultation

Wondering how VR can help your business? We guide you from ideation to real-world implementation, helping you understand the immense potential VR holds for your business, and shaping strategies for its effective implementation. Transforming your vision into VR reality begins here.

Application development

At our VR development agency London, our expertise lies in verifying app concepts and refining them to match your vision. We do this by meticulously validating your app ideas, ensuring they align perfectly with your objectives and building them in a way that they resonate with your audience.

Game development

From ideation to realisation, we turn your vision into compelling gaming experiences. We thrive on translating raw ideas into interactive, captivating gameplays. Our team specialises in imaginative storytelling and sophisticated design, delivering games that push the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

Custom VR development

Our expertise extends to custom VR solutions, addressing your unique needs. We breathe life into your concepts precisely as you envision them, offering specialised training simulations and experiential marketing solutions that come alive within immersive environments.

3D modelling & objects

At our VR development company UK, we specialise in crafting intricate 3D models and objects, enriching VR environments with visually stunning elements. Each detail is meticulously designed to enhance realism, delivering detailed and engaging visual experiences.

Why choose Square Root Solutions for virtual reality development

Our out-of-the-box approach, passion for ingenuity and dedication towards our clients, make us the best virtual reality development company in London.

Human-centric approach

Human-centric approach

We prioritise the human experience. Our design philosophy revolves around creating VR environments that resonate emotionally with your audience, ensuring that each interaction feels intuitive and natural.

Expertise in diversity

Expertise in diversity

With a versatile team skilled in various VR technologies and platforms, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table. From gaming to educational simulations, our proficiency spans diverse applications of VR.

Flexible collaboration models

Flexible collaboration models

Whether you seek to hire a dedicated developer, assemble a specialised team, or opt for fixed-cost arrangements, we adapt to meet your project requirements seamlessly.

End-to-end support

End-to-end support

From the spark of an idea to the breathtaking reality, we act as your co-pilot, guiding and empowering you at every turn. We're not just developers; we're partners in transforming your vision into an awe-inspiring VR experience.

Educate, entertain and engage, experience the power of virtual reality!

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Virtual reality does a lot more than entertain!

  • Enhanced training simulations for complex tasks and scenarios.
  • Virtual classrooms for remote learning with enhanced engagement.
  • Skill-based training in vocational fields through realistic simulations.
  • Immersive product demonstrations and tours such as in real estate.
  • Interactive and engaging employee onboarding experiences.
  • Realistic simulations for healthcare procedures and medical training.
  • Cost-effective prototyping and design simulations.
  • Prototyping and testing restaurant layouts in a virtual environment.
  • Simulated safety and emergency drills for workplace preparedness.
  • Innovative marketing campaigns through VR experiences.

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    A solution for every industry

    We help you utilise VR for every industry, be it to transform retail spaces, revolutionise education, redefine healthcare training, streamline manufacturing processes, or innovate marketing campaigns with immersive experiences.

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    real estate
    travel tourism
    finance sector
    healthcare sector

    Technology we utilise

    As one of the trusted virtual reality specialists in UK, we keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. Moreover, we only employ what’s best for your project!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Read answers to some frequently asked questions to understand more about virtual reality.

    Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment that simulates a physical presence in real or imagined worlds, taking users to any corner of the world they want to or a world specially designed for them. It immerses users through visual, auditory, and sometimes tactile experiences, often using specialised equipment like VR headsets.

    VR apps work by rendering 3D environments or simulations that users can interact with using VR headsets. These apps leverage sensors, motion tracking, and powerful computing to create an immersive experience, responding to users' movements and inputs.

    No, VR experiences span beyond gaming. They're used in various industries like education, healthcare, architecture, and training simulations. VR offers immersive solutions for training, therapy, design visualisation, and more. Consult with experts at our VR development agency UK to know how virtual reality can help your business.

    The time required for VR app development varies significantly based on features of the project. Simple projects might take a few months, while more elaborate projects could span over a year. Development time also depends on factors like design intricacy and required integrations.

    The cost of VR development is influenced by various aspects such as complexity, features, platform (e.g., mobile, PC), hardware requirements, 3D modelling, and the level of interactivity. Customisation, integration of specific functionalities, and the need for high-quality graphics also impact the overall cost. Get in touch with our experts to get an estimate for your project.

    Determining if VR can enhance your business involves evaluating various factors. Consider the nature of your products or services and whether immersive experiences could augment customer engagement or training efficiency. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our VR development company in UK. We analyse your business goals, explore potential VR applications, and provide insights into how VR technology could elevate your offerings or streamline your processes. Through a tailored consultation, we help you understand the potential impact and feasibility of integrating VR into your business model.