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We specialise in enhancing the user experience by identifying usability issues and helping you resolve them. Our expertise lies in mapping your user journeys and providing data-backed recommendations. Our UX audit services empower your digital presence with insights that make a difference.

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At our UX audit specialist agency in London, we believe in going beyond the surface, and diving deep into your digital landscape to uncover what truly matters. Our UX audits are meticulous, addressing every aspect of your user interface. We offer tangible suggestions and actionable insights that bridge the gap between your current user experience and a flawless one.


Our recommendations are not just based on intuition but are grounded in data and industry best practices, ensuring that they deliver measurable improvements. But we don’t just stop there. Our detailed summaries distil complex findings into clear, executable steps, allowing you to prioritise enhancements effectively.


Prototypes developed


Projects designed


Years of UI/UX experience

Here’s where our UX audit agency can help you

Our UX audit services in UK, help you create exceptional user experiences that lead to improved user satisfaction and, ultimately, business growth.

Usability surveys

Conduct surveys to gather user feedback and insights, helping us understand the pain points and preferences of your audience.

Validating new websites

We evaluate the usability and user experience of new websites or redesigned platforms to ensure they meet the desired standards.

User journey evaluation

Analyse the paths users take on your website or application, identifying any roadblocks or areas for improvement in their journey.

Conversion-centric metrics

Use key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the impact of UX improvements on conversion rates.

Proto-personas development

We create proto-personas to define and understand your target audience, aiding in more effective user experience design.

Market research

We help you conduct in-depth market research to gain insights into industry trends, user behaviour, and competitor strategies.

Competitive analysis

Analyse your competitors' digital offerings to identify opportunities for differentiation and improvement.

Tech error & content check

Assess the platform for technical issues, such as broken links or slow load times, and ensure content quality and relevance.

Detailed roadmap

We provide detailed observations and recommendations for enhancing the UX, including both short-term fixes and long-term strategies.

The elements we always focus on

The primary focus of our UX audit services in UK is to provide you with the right knowledge and tools that’ll help you make informed decisions.

At Square Root Solutions, we specialise in identifying and addressing usability issues that can hinder user satisfaction and conversion rates. Our in-depth analysis ensures that your digital platforms are intuitive and user-friendly.

We understand that UX is more than aesthetics; it's a critical driver of your success. Our audits are designed to align the user experience with your business goals, whether that's increasing sales, boosting engagement, or improving brand perception.

The approach to our user experience is firmly grounded in research. We provide suggestions based on comprehensive data analysis and industry best practices, ensuring the changes we suggest are backed by evidence.

We meticulously trace the paths users take on your platform, identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement. This allows us to provide you with valuable insights into how users interact with your digital assets.

We’ve helped many businesses redefine
their digital experiences

Our Square Root Solutions has redesigned many obsolete user interfaces into engaging user journeys that are now loved by millions.

Reasons to choose us for your UX audit company

When it comes to optimising user experience, our approach is second to none. Let's transform your digital presence together.

Holistic expertise

Holistic expertise

We identify problems and offer solutions. With experts in usability, market research, and design, we provide you with a well-rounded perspective. This multifaceted expertise ensures that our recommendations are thorough and actionable.

Data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions

We pride ourselves on making data the cornerstone of our UX audit services. Our data-driven approach ensures that the insights we provide are grounded in empirical evidence. We collect, analyse, and interpret data to drive effective decision-making.

Customised solutions

Customised solutions

Our customised approach ensures that our recommendations align perfectly with your goals, whether it's boosting sales or engagement. When you choose us, you're not getting a cookie-cutter solution – you're getting a strategy designed just for you.

Future-forward strategies

Future-forward strategies

What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on preparing your digital presence for tomorrow, and not just today. We go beyond immediate fixes, crafting strategies that anticipate future user trends and technological advancements.

Did you know that 80% of visitors have their buying decisions influenced by the site’s layout?

Partner with us for insights that can lead to quantifiable improvements in conversion rates.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for UX Audit

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    If you're experiencing decreased user engagement, low conversion rates, or receiving negative user feedback, it may be time for a UX audit. Additionally, if you're planning a website redesign or launching a new digital product, our UX audit specialist agency UK, can be highly beneficial in ensuring a seamless user experience.

    The timeline for a UX audit can vary depending on the complexity and size of your platform. Typically, our audits are completed within a few weeks. However, we can provide a more accurate estimate based on your specific requirements during our initial consultation.

    Our team will work closely with you to gather the necessary information. While there's no need for extensive preparation, having access to user data, previous user feedback, and your business objectives can be helpful in tailoring our audit to your specific needs.

    UX audit can enhance user engagement, leading to longer time spent on your platform and increased customer loyalty. Moreover, it can result in cost savings by reducing the need for extensive post-launch fixes, and it can provide a competitive edge by differentiating your brand. Our UX audit services in London also streamline user journeys, making it easier for visitors to achieve their goals and, as a result, boosting conversion rates.