Laravel development agency in London, UK

Our seasoned Laravel developers utilise one of the most potent and versatile PHP frameworks to deliver robust web and software solutions that scale as your business grows.

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Laravel development agency in London, UK

Your Trusted Laravel Development Company in UK

With Laravel, we embrace a power-packed backend and an interactive, feature-rich frontend. Our Laravel app developers harness its expressive syntax and features to build web applications that excel in security and scalability.

Furthermore, leveraging Laravel’s prowess, the experts at our Laravel development agency London, navigate intricate software projects with remarkable ease, crafting efficient, high-performing digital solutions even within the most demanding timeframes.

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Our Laravel development services

At our Laravel development agency, we excel in crafting Larvel solutions that can effortlessly meet the demands of businesses of all sizes.

We harness the full capabilities of Laravel's powerful framework to build sites that excel in every way. From stunning corporate websites to data-driven e-commerce platforms, we create digital experiences that are as engaging as they are efficient. With a keen focus on performance, scalability, and user engagement, our Laravel web development solutions ensure your online presence exceeds expectations.

Our Laravel web application development services are tailored to deliver swift, adaptable, and seamless solutions. From a rapid MVP or any bespoke software to a collaborative project management tool or a feature-rich CRM system, our Laravel app developers meticulously engineer web applications that precisely cater to your diverse business requirements.

In an interconnected digital landscape, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) serve as the bridges that enable seamless data exchange between applications. Our Laravel API development services empower your digital ecosystem by creating secure, high-performing APIs. Whether it's for mobile app integration, third-party services, or IoT devices, our Laravel APIs ensure smooth communication, fostering innovation and efficiency.

Migrating to Laravel is a strategic move towards enhanced productivity and efficiency. Our company , offers migration services to easily transition your existing applications to Laravel's robust framework without any disturbances. We analyse your current architecture, plan the migration process thoroughly, and execute it with precision, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum benefit.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are the backbone of dynamic websites. Our Laravel CMS development services empower you to take control of your content. At our Laravel development agency London, we build custom CMS solutions that are user-friendly, flexible, and tailored to your content needs. Whether it's a blog, news portal, or a corporate website, our Laravel solutions streamline content management.

E-commerce is a complex and competitive realm. Our Laravel e-commerce development services are designed to give you the edge. We create scalable and secure e-commerce platforms that can handle heavy traffic, as well as engage users and drive conversions. Whether it is B2B or B2C, from intuitive product catalogues to seamless payment gateways, our Laravel solutions enable your online business to thrive.

We understand that every business has unique requirements. That's why we extend the capabilities of Laravel in our development services to meet those needs, whether they involve inventory management, payment gateways, or any other complex challenge. We design and develop custom extensions, modules, and plugins that seamlessly integrate with Laravel, enhancing its functionality and versatility.

In the era of microservices architecture, scalability and maintainability are paramount. Our Laravel microservices development services break down complex applications into smaller, manageable components. This approach allows flexibility, rapid development, and easier maintenance, enabling your digital ecosystem to evolve with agility.

Benefits of Laravel

When you trust the leading Laravel development company in the UK with your ideas, you unlock a variety of untapped benefits that Laravel has to offer.

Rapid development

Laravel’s expressive syntax and pre-built components accelerate development, reducing time-to-market for your projects without compromising quality.

High performance

Laravel’s architecture and optimised codebase ensure high-speed performance, making it an ideal choice for applications that demand efficiency.

Modular libraries

Benefit from Laravel’s rich ecosystem of pre-installed libraries and modules, simplifying complex tasks and reducing development time.

Security fortification

Laravel has advanced security features, safeguarding against common vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, XSS, and CSRF attacks.


Its modular structure enables Laravel app developers to focus on functionality, making it an excellent choice for feature-rich applications.


Laravel allows your platform to grow seamlessly, accommodat-ing increasing user loads and business requirements without compromising performance.

What makes us the best
Laravel development company

We’re a trusted Laravel development agency in the UK, owing to the magnitude of competitive advantages we have to offer to our valuable clients.

User-centric design

User-centric design expertise

Our team of Laravel app developers is well-versed in crafting interactive and user-centric designs. We understand that seamless user experiences are paramount, and our expertise in Laravel allows us to create web applications that engage and captivate users effortlessly.

Ready to launch MVPs

Rapid MVP development

We understand that you want your idea to go live swiftly. Leveraging Laravel’s robust capabilities, we excel in rapid Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. With us, you can transform your concept into a functioning MVP quickly, allowing you to validate your ideas and gather valuable user feedback.

Agile development methodology

Flexible engagement models

We offers flexible engagement models to suit your needs. Whether you want to hire dedicated Laravel developers on an hourly basis, need a complete team on a monthly basis, or want to go with the traditional fixed-cost model, we tailor our services to your project’s demands.

Flexible payment models

Truly custom solutions

We take pride in delivering 100% tailored Laravel platforms. We do not believe in off-the-shelf solutions or reusing old templates. Your application is built from the ground up, ensuring that the result aligns perfectly with your vision, goals, and business requirements.

Fast, Flexible and Flawless- Discover the Best of Laravel with our seasoned experts!

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Laravel with our seasoned experts!

Cutting-edge Laravel solutions

At our Laravel development company, we are dedicated to delivering next-gen solutions that leverage the most of latest technologies to drive business growth.

What drives us forward!

The satisfaction of our clients is the driving force behind our passion and commitment to excellence. Here’s what they have to say about us.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Read answers to some frequently asked questions to understand more about Laravel development services.


    Laravel is a robust, open-source PHP framework used for web application development. It's known for its syntax and a wide array of tools and libraries that streamline the development process. Laravel is used to build dynamic, high-performing web applications that are both secure and scalable. Get in touch with our experts to learn more.


    Laravel primarily serves as a backend framework. It provides the backend logic, database management, and server-side processing required to create web applications. However, Laravel also supports frontend development through tools like Blade templating engine and Laravel Mix, making it a versatile choice for full-stack development.


    Laravel offers a developer-friendly syntax, a rich feature set for tasks like authentication and routing, and a strong security focus. It boasts a vibrant community, extensive documentation, and the Blade templating engine for elegant front-end development. This makes it an excellent choice for modern web applications, combining frontend simplicity with robust backend capabilities. Contact our Laravel development company London, to utilise the most of this technology.


    You can easily hire skilled Laravel developers on an hourly basis from Square Root Solutions. We offer experienced developers who can work on your projects, ensuring the successful execution of your Laravel-based initiatives.