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Our approach to design and development is both technical and strategic. We understand that the right methodology and pricing model are essential for your innovative ideas.

Our project methodologies

With our deep technical expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional solutions, we employ methodologies that ensure the success of your digital ventures.

Agile methodology

Our Agile methodology is the cornerstone of our technical approach. Agile allows us to adapt swiftly to evolving project requirements and deliver incremental improvements. We break down complex projects into manageable sprints, each with its own set of objectives. Regular feedback loops and client collaboration ensure that your vision is realised, with room for adjustments along the way. Agile empowers us to embrace change, respond to challenges in real time, and achieve optimal results efficiently.

Waterfall methodology

For projects that demand a structured and well-defined approach, we turn to the Waterfall methodology. Waterfall is characterised by a sequential workflow, with each phase dependent on the completion of the previous one. This approach is ideal for projects with clearly outlined requirements and minimal room for changes. With Waterfall, we ensure meticulous planning, precise execution, and rigorous testing, culminating in a robust and predictable outcome.


In addition to Agile and Waterfall, we incorporate DevOps practices into our workflow. DevOps unifies development and operations, fostering collaboration and automation. This results in faster delivery, continuous integration, and streamlined processes. By implementing DevOps principles, we enhance the quality, security, and reliability of your software throughout its lifecycle.

Ways to collaborate with us

Our pricing models aren’t about us because our satisfaction lies in your success. That’s why, our collaboration models are strictly structured keeping you in mind. They are cost-effective, flexible and customisable, ensuring you receive the maximum value from your investment.

For well-defined projects, our Fixed Cost Solution provides clarity and predictability. We thoroughly analyse your requirements, provide a detailed plan, and offer a fixed cost and timeline. You can rely on us to deliver your project flawlessly and on schedule.

Create your custom development team with us. Choose from developers, designers, and more based on your specific requirements. With this model, you pay monthly for a professional team tailored just for you. It's the perfect choice for dynamic projects that require dedicated ongoing expertise.

Need on-demand expertise or assistance with project upgrades? Our Hourly Hire model allows you to hire our designers and developers in the UK on an hourly basis. It's a more personalised option, especially beneficial for making adjustments and improvements to your existing projects.

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